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  Corrugated Cartons

  Corrugated Cartons  
  Corrugated cartons can be manufactured to your own specifications. We can print up to 4 colours onto any style of carton. All of our stock cartons are plain un-printed and glued. There are many different styles we can manufacture. Please be aware that die cutting and printing stereo charges may apply on specially produced cartons and a manufacturing tolerance of +/-10% would also apply. All of our stock cartons are FEFCO reference 0201.  
Single Wall Corrugated Carton List
Order Code Size (inches) Size (mm) Pallet Qty
SWCC1 4x4x4 102x102x102 6000
SWCC2 5x5x5 127x127x127 3200
SWCC3 6x5x4 152x127x101 3800
SWCC4 6x6x6 152x152x152 3200
SWCC5 7x7x7 178x178x178 1800
SWCC6 8x8x8 203x203x203 1800
SWCC7 8x6x6 203x152x152 2400
SWCC8 9.5x9.5x4.5 241x241x114 900
SWCC9 9x6x6 229x152x152 1800
SWCC10 9x9x6 229x229x152 1200
SWCC11 9x9x9 229x229x229 1200
SWCC12 10.5x9.5x4 267x241x102 1200
SWCC13 12x9x3 305x229x76 1600
SWCC14 12x9x4 305x229x102 1600
SWCC15 12x9x5 305x229x127 1200
SWCC16 12x9x6 305x229x152 1200
SWCC17 12x9x7 305x229x178 1200
SWCC18 12x9x9 305x229x229 1200
SWCC19 12x9x12.5 305x229x317 800
SWCC20 13x10x12.5 330x254x318 800
SWCC21 12x12x12 305x305x305 800
SWCC22 18x12x4 457x305x102 800
SWCC23 18x12x7 457x305x178 700
SWCC24 18x12x10 458x305x254 800
SWCC25 18x12x12 457x305x305 600
SWCC26 18x14x14 458x356x356 200
SWCC27 24x18x18 610x457x457 180
SWCC28 24x14x7 620x356x178 400
SWCC29 13.75x9x7 350x230x180 360
SWCC30 24x18x10 610x457x254 180
SWCC31 22.5x14.5x14.33 575x370x365 400
SWCC32 25x18.75x22.25 635x477x565 200
SWCC33 14.5x10.5x10 (archive box) 370x270x251 360
Double Wall Corrugated Carton List
DWCC1 10x10x10 254x254x254 540
DWCC2 12x9x5 305x229x127 540
DWCC3 12x9x6 305x229x152 480
DWCC4 12x9x9 305x229x229 540
DWCC5 14x10.25x12 355x260x305 360
DWCC6 12x12x12 305x305x305 320
DWCC7 14x14x14 355x355x355 180
DWCC8 16x16x16 406x406x406 180
DWCC9 18x12x10 457x305x254 320
DWCC12 18x12x12 458x305x305 360
DWCC13 18x18x18 (vari depth) 450x450x450 180
DWCC14 20x20x20 508x508x508 180
DWCC15 23x15x13.5 584x381x343 180
DWCC16 23x11x14.5 585x280x368 180
DWCC17 24x18x18 (vari depth) 610x457x457 80
DWCC18 30x18x12 762x457x305 90
DWCC19 30x18x18 762x457x305 90
DWCC20 30x20x20 762x508x508 90
DWCC21 24x24x18 610x610x457 80
DWCC23 31x23x26 (export) 787x587x664 80
  Shown here are a selection of popular carton styles taken from the extensive FEFCO number reference guide. These are just a few of the vast range of styles we can manufacture.