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  Polypropylene Strapping
  Environmental Statement  
  Health and safety data sheet for Polypropylene Strapping supplied by Williams Packaging Limited.

Food Contact Status: Polypropylene strap is manufactured and sold for secondary (not primary) food packaging contact.

Polypropylene Homopolymer (approx 95-97%)
Chalk (approx 2-3%)
Colour Pigments (approx 1-2%)

Thermal Behaviour + Combustion
Melting Temperature 165_C - 170_C

Decomposition – When heated above its melting point polypropylene may evolve fumes at approximately 225_C. Decomposition and Oxidative Pyrolysis will occur at 300_C when Carbon Dioxide (OES-TWA-5000PPM) Carbon Monoxide (OES-TWA-50PPM) Formaldehyde (MEL-TWA—2PPM) and Acrylaldehyde (OES-TWA-01PPM) may be evolved.

Carbon Monoxide cannot be detected by smell but the irritant effect of Formaldehyde and Acrylaldehyde, which is noticeable at OES limits, provides a good indication of excessive limits.

It is recommended that the continuous operation of the heat-sealing process for polypropylene be carried out in well-ventilated conditions.

Auto Ignition Temperature 380_C

Extinguishing Media – Foam, Carbon Dioxide Dry Powder, Water Spray

High Tensile Polypropylene Strapping

General Information
Polypropylene strapping is a lightweight flexible tape designed for use in securing applications. It is available in a wide variety of sizes and tensile strengths and when in use it is important to ensure that the correct grade of strap has been selected.

Good Housekeeping
To avoid accidents caused by tripping and slipping, it is important that all packing and unpacking areas are maintained to a high degree of tidiness. Loose straps should never be allowed to remain on floors; all old packaging material should be placed in a disposal container immediately.

Polypropylene should be stored between -5_C and +40_C. Long term exposure to direct sunlight will result in brittle failure. Where possible store in original containers away from sunlight.

Incompatible substances: None

Skin Contact
Polypropylene strapping in not considered a skin irritant but, being fairly hard can have an abrasive effect on the skin.

Protective Clothing: Not required

Polypropylene is chemically unreactive and may be regarded as insert. However, smoking, eating and drinking should not be allowed in working areas.

Although polypropylene may be regarded as harmless, ingestion should be avoided